The expert sections of the association are the expert, methodical and initiative body of the association for areas identical to the competences of the central body of the state administration, or of another body, against which the association acts.

Currently, the Association of Self-Governing Regions has established nine sections - each is headed by a chairman elected by the Association's Assembly. Members are leading professional employees of individual self-governing regions and meet as needed.

Management section

property settlement of land & management of regional property

School section

development of secondary education & support of school facilities

Culture section

support of non-established culture & cultural institutions

Finance section

coordination of budget & financial relations of regions

Cohesion policy section

position of regions within the drawdown of financial resources from EU funds

Health care section

provide of health care and pharmaceutical care

Regional development section

comprehensive development of the socio-economic potential of the regions

Social affairs section

activities ensuring the improvement of living conditions of residents

Mobility section

development of road infrastructure & transport services of the regions

Energy section

energy security in the region & energy policy of public administration entities

Working group for informatization

development of information systems, cyber security & databases

Working group for road infrastructure

management and maintenance of roads owned by self-governing regions